"I'm Thankful They Are Here"

I've used the CH2V platform since 2013 for 5 different organizations: 3 PTAs, 1 Booster Club and 1 Booster-Sponsored Marching Contest. I continue to be impressed and pleased with the capabilities of the website.

I particularly like the Volunteer, Sponsor, and Online Store modules. They help us streamline our activities and provide members a one-stop-shop for participating in the organization's activities. Having used the platform for 3 PTAs, I strongly encouraged the Booster organization to move to the platform. Prior to that, the Boosters were using a static website, Sign Up Genius and MailChimp to communicate to our Booster membership and manage volunteer sign-ups. We leaned heavily on social media such as GroupMe to communicate in real-time.

Now, with CH2V, all that content is in one place and I can easily create newsletters that leverage the website content and volunteer signups. People know to go to one place for Booster info - the website - and it will be there. It has really helped us streamline our communications and provide a consistent look-and-feel to all our communications.

I also used the platform to create a public website for a marching contest we manage as one of our major fundraisers - Texas Marching Classic. The audience is Band Directors and Spectators, but the approach was the same - provide one place where information can be found. Next year, I hope to utilize the newsletters to communicate with participating Bands prior to the event and the Store to collect registration fees.

Finally, I can't say enough positive things about the support staff at CH2V. They are always responsive, helpful and open to hearing ideas for improvements and new features. I would not have suggested moving to this platform if I did not believe it in and the team at CH2V. I'm thankful they are here.

- Michelle, Communications Chair (Nov 2019)
Cedar Ridge Raider Band Boosters